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    深圳市必赢娱乐_必赢娱乐下载_必赢娱乐下载官方公司是2006年9月在深圳注册成立的一家集设计、研发、制造及销售于一体的高科技企业.公司致力于接触式图像传感器(Contact Image Sensor,简称CIS)的创新研发,是CIS专家,也是接触式图像传感器的专业供应商.公司有行业资深工程师组成的研发团队;并凝聚了电子制造业经验丰富、综合素质优秀的员工队伍;拥有国际先进的自动切片机、自动芯片贴片机、自动芯片压焊机、自动封胶机和电脑测试仪等专用生产设备.

    公司严格执行国际标准ISO9001:2008《质量管理体系-要求》,建立了科学的生产管理流程,能快速高效地为客户设计定制所需的产品.公司采用高品质的CMOS影像芯片制成,依据分辨率来划分规格可包括:50dpi、100dpi、200dpi、300dpi、400dpi、600dpi等系列;依据图像有效扫描宽度划分可包括:A3、A4 、A5、A6、A7、A8、B5、B7及一些特殊的扫描长度等系列.广泛应用于各种彩票的识读,纸币的真伪识别和分检,标准化考试的阅卷,支票的扫描识别以及一维条码、二维条码的扫描识别等等.

    SHENZHEN GUANGTAI TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Was established in September 2006, registered in Shenzhen, which integrates design, Research and development, manufacturing and sales. Our company is dedicated to the innovative research and development of contact image sensor, which is a professional supplier of CIS expert and contact image sensor. Our company has the industry senior engineer composition of the research and development team. It has condensed the team of employees with rich experience in electronic manufacturing and excellent comprehensive quality. It also international advanced automatic slicing machine, automatic chip pasting machine, automatic die welding machine, automatic sealing machine and computer tester and other special production equipment.

    Our company strictly carries out the international standard 2008 ISO9001. Quality management system – requirements, Established the scientific production management process,can design customized products for customers quickly and efficiently. The company adopts high quality CMOS image chip, According to the specification can be divided according to the resolution: 50dpi,100dpi,200dpi,300dpi,400dpi,600dpi and so on; According to the effective scan width of the image, it can be included: A3,A4 ,A5,A6,A7,A8,B5,B7 and a series of special scan lengths. It is widely used in the reading of various lottery tickets, the real and false identification of banknotes, the examination of standardized tests, the scanning recognition of checks and one dimensional bar code, 2d barcode scanning recognition and so on.


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